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What Processes Are Involved in Sexual Abuse Counselling?

Sexual abuse is more prevalent than people realize. Nationwide 43% of men and 81% of women have reported dealing with some form of sexual assault or harassment at least once in their lives.

About half of female victims are being abused by their intimate partner, while 40.8% are by an acquaintance. But, this painful and traumatic memory doesn’t have to conquer your life. Seeking sexual abuse counselling is the first step to overcoming the trauma.

For those who want to obtain the proper coping mechanisms, counselling for abuse can set you on the right track. Here is what counselling for sexual abuse victims can offer.

Sexual Abuse Counselling – How Does It Work?

What Processes Are Involved In Sexual Abuse Counselling
Many victims are feeling stuck, without the ability to move forward. Counselling encourages survivors to break away from their focus on the trauma and find their strengths. It’s about engaging in intrapersonal exploration and separating oneself from the impact of the traumatic event. Simply put, victims get to focus on what they currently have and not what they’ve lost.

With cognitive intervention, counsellors can spot the common distortions that their client is feeling. So, what are common distortions, you might ask? Plenty of victims state: “I’m damaged”, “nothing good will ever happen to me”, “I can never go back to who I was”, “what if I did things differently”, and so on.

Victims find themselves in these patterns and cognitive distortions that impact their self-confidence and perception. A counsellor can help you become more aware of these patterns. The goal is simple – inspire victims to focus on mindfulness. By acquiring more efficient support, you can and will move forward.

Once you’ve developed effective coping skills you can create a positive and new language and self-view. You can find meaning in your traumatic event and perceive it with a different mindset. You can finally gain empathy and understanding, which will become a key point in progressing with your life.

Can Counselling Really Help?
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