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What Brings Clients Into Sexual Abuse Counselling?

From all the different traumatic stressors, sexual assault is the event that’s most likely to lead to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). A large study on sexual abuse of women found that among many victims, 32% had PTSD at some point.

Counselling is an effective treatment for PTSD. Whether it is combined with medication or not, counselling can be a viable approach for those looking to overcome the mental implications of a traumatic experience. Counselling can work even if the event happened a long time ago.

The question is, what brings people into sexual abuse counselling? And how effective can it really be for those who went through any type of sexual abuse? Let’s take a look at the impact of sexual abuse counselling.

What Brings Victim to Sexual Abuse Counselling?

Any traumatic experience, particularly sexual abuse, can lead to anxiety, depression, and uncontrolled anger. Roughly 615 million people are suffering from depression or anxiety. Mental illness is extremely common and can affect your day-to-day life.

Sexual abuse adds more fuel to the fire. Victims can show signs of PTSD, especially when presented with a trigger. The trigger could be anything, from where the trauma took place, to something that might resemble their perpetrator.

Victims can also resort to self-harm or develop a distorted view of sex. They could have trouble building intimacy in a new relationship or become sexually overactive. The trauma can take many forms, which can lead to substantial fractures in the person’s well-being and self-esteem.

What we mean by counselling for sexual abuse is that patients are getting a wide range of practical approaches, knowledge, and tactics that can help them overcome the trauma. Regardless of how long ago it happened. Here is what brings clients into sexual abuse counselling.
What Brings Clients Into Sexual Abuse Counselling?
1. Clients Reclaim Their Sexual Health
2. Clients Achieve a Better Control Over Their Behavioral Health

Unfortunately, a lot of sexual abuse victims turn to drugs, alcohol, or medication to numb the stress, anxiety, depression, and pain. But, the relationship between sexual violence and substance abuse goes both ways.

What most people don’t realize is that those who abuse substances, whether that is drugs or alcohol are more likely to experience sexual violence. The impaired judgment puts them in vulnerable situations. Through counselling, people can avoid these pitfalls and acquire better-coping tactics. These are one of the benefits of sexual abuse counselling.
3. Clients Learn to Move Past the Flashbacks and Nightmares
4. Clients Get Their Physical Health Back on Track
4. Clients Take Their Power Back
Every conversation you’ve ever had, every memory or experience you’ve shared in counselling, will become a stepping stone to a healthy recovery. Victims feel powerless at first. This is wreaking havoc in their lives. With counselling, you can reclaim that power and take back the happiness and productivity that you deserve. Counselling can show you exactly how to make that happen. It has helped many people. That’s why it can give you the boost you’ve always wanted.
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