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Trauma Counselling

Trauma Counselling
Wondering if someone else is going through the same thing? You are not alone! Roughly 70% of American adults have had some kind of traumatic experience at least once in their lives. That’s about 223.4 million people. While over 33% of youths vulnerable to community violence experience PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder).
Trauma can stem from a number of things, including:
Not sure you can manage the trauma? People can and do recover from trauma. It’s about taking a step and asking for help. Trauma counseling offers a confidential and safe place for anyone to talk about their personal or professional problems, feelings, emotions, behaviors, events, and experiences.
Trauma Counselling03
Trauma Counselling

What Makes Trauma Counseling a Viable Choice?

Trauma therapy is here to help patients process their emotions, feelings and address the event that has led to a traumatic experience. The goal is to provide patients with the capabilities and mental preparation to face their fears and learn to cope with the past. Take a look at the benefits that trauma counseling has to offer.

Tackling Problematic Thought Patterns and Beliefs

Curbing the Avoidance & Fear

Building Trust

Your sense of security and safety has been disrupted. This has made it tricky for you to build trustworthy relationships or trust yourself. Our team can give you a chance to regain trust in people that are good for you. Including ways to better the beliefs you have about yourself.

Offering Validation & Coping Tactics

How to Save Family & Relationships

Helping You Make It Happen