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What makes us the best? Individualized counselling that is much more than a template. Every client and family member suffers from different core issues and should expect individual care. Each counselling session must have a focus and different resources must be utilized to address these issues. At Counselling Centers of America, we believe in A Different way to treat People.

The two primary core issues, as they relate to, relationship counselling, sexual abuse counselling, marriage and family counselling and grief and loss counselling, are shame and co-dependency. The goal is to process trauma and abuse; thus, addressing shame and co-dependency. Moreover, self-love becomes the solution.

Why choose Counselling Centers of America

Counselling Centers of America helps individuals and families gain tools to increase the satisfaction of their relationships. Additionally, we assist individuals overcome the effects of trauma and abuse. Other facets we address are as follows:
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Counseling Indianapolis And Therapy Programs

A primary goal at Counselling Centers of America is to help individuals and families achieve wellness. The decision to seek help for issues such as relationship counselling, trauma counselling and many other issues, are difficult. Our individualized therapy programs are tailored to help build rapport with a therapist; thus, making it easier to face difficult problems. Additionally, assisting a client develop healthy communication skills teaches authenticity and vulnerability.
Seeking individual counselling, family counselling, or relationship counselling provides the entire family the opportunity to grow and deal with issues rather than have the issues deal with them. Some examples that are worth addressing are as follows:

Benefits of individual therapy

How does a person benefit from individual counselling? This mode of therapy provides a confidential exploration of the client’s trauma, abuse, relationships, interpersonal communication and means of coping with life’s, challenges.

Individual counselling is based on a trusting and open relationship between the client and the therapist. Building rapport is the key. By developing this relationship, it provides a therapeutic and trusting environment whereby the client will thrive.

Some of the issues addressed in these counselling sessions include:

Benefits of family therapy

The primary focus of family therapy is to encourage and practice healthy communication and attachment between the family members. Addressing potential negative models, i.e., abandonment, assists the family members develop new, healthy models for communicating with each other.

Although communication is the goal, it is not the goal to force close relationships. Close relationships may result; however, learning to develop a healthy model is the key to success….Respect amongst family members.
Relationship Counselling
Assessing issues and Assisting to overcome The shortcomings. Call today
Trauma Counselling
Taking control and facing The trauma. Call today
Anxiety Counselling
A potential combination Of medical and therapeutic Modalities. Call today.
Counselling Session
Relationship counselling, family Counselling and individual Counselling. We cover all the Bases.
Living Well Counseling
All of our modalities of counselling And counselling sessions help Clients grow as individuals
Counselling for Men
Typically, men have a difficult Time asking for help. Counselling Centers specializes in addressing Male issues.
Sexual Abuse Counselling
The ongoing effects of sexual abuse Must be addressed for healing to occur
Family therapy
Lack of cohesiveness and communication Creates pressure amongst family members That can be addressed in counselling sessions
Grief and loss counselling
Absent addressing grief and loss, life can Be a constant struggle. Call us today to begin Healing from grief and loss you have suffered
Marriage Counselling
Married couples can have problems with Communication, infidelity, and life in general. Call Counselling Centers of America to begin Healing and re-inventing your life together
Marriage and Family Counselling
Problems with a marriage not only impacts the Couple, but also impacts the family as well. It Is extremely important that the entire family be Heard.
Marriage counselling Indianapolis
Counselling Centers of America provides Indianapolis the most extensive counselling Services that are tailored to the individual.
Couples Therapy
Married couples can have problems with Communication, infidelity, and life in general. Call Counselling Centers of America to begin Healing and re-inventing your life together
Anger Counselling
Anger Counselling entails the development Of strategies and skills to change behavior. Call us today to begin on this journey

Committed to Excellence in all Facets of Relationship Counselling

Counselling Centers of America provides superior counselling for all relationship, including family counselling, marriage counselling, trauma counselling and all other types of relationships.

Our Approach to Marriage Counselling

CEmpathetic, listening, communication
Everyone in the relationship should be heard without shame.

As a couple both people must identify critical stumbling blocks

At Counselling Centers of America, we believe in interactive therapy as opposed to merely sitting on the couch. Practice is critical to marriage counselling.

Wellness as the outcome for marriage counselling

Marriage and relationship counselling provides wellness to the couple as a primary outcome. We provide more than talk therapy.

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