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Our Approach To Marriage Counselling

Empathetic, listening, communication
Empathetic, listening, communication
marriage counselling
Wellness as the outcome for marriage counselling
couple counselling
As a couple both people must identify critical stumbling blocks
grief and loss counselling
family therapy

Relationship Counselling Support Through A Lifetime Of Wellness

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A relationship counselling, in specific, is a professional trained to listen with empathy and expertise regarding your relationship and individualized challenges. Needless to say, life is stressful. Excessive worry and fixation around social situations are also common symptoms of an anxiety disorder. Both group therapy and family therapy may also make use of Grief And Loss Therapy outlined in the first bullet above.

Anger Counselling helps you to identify and come to terms with feelings and emotions you may experience during or after a traumatic event. The The marriage counseling expert acts as an intermediary between the couples and facilitates healthy and effective communication. This is particularly helpful where couples are ready to improve their relationships but are not sure how the relationship is going to improve in the future. Marriage Counselling experts at Indianapolis strengthen your relationship. Marriage counseling therapists Indianapolis address challenges and find positive solutions to resolve conflict. Call Counselling Centers near me.

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Family Counselling

Success Stories Of Our Clients

“Counselling Centers of America saved our marriage. Through Interactive therapy, Ariel taught us how to fight fair and begin to listen to each other. After 20 years of marriage, we feel like the beginning was just a week ago. Thanks Counselling Centers of America.”

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David Richards Sr. Consultant

“Counselling Centers of America helped me address sexual abuse as a child. I had no idea that the abuse was affecting all areas of my life. I finally cried for the first time in 20 years. I now understand that avoiding the emotional pain of the abuse, kept me stuck in addictive behavior. Thanks so much”

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George Burton Professor

    The Most Advanced Marriage Counselling Centers & relationship, Couples, Trauma, family , group Therapeutic Care Is Just A Phone Call Away

    Assessing issues and Assisting to overcome from relationship problems. Call today.

    Trauma counselling is a type of therapy that can help you deal with the physical, emotional & psychological effects of trauma.

    A potential combination Of medical and therapeutic Modalities.  Call today.
    Relationship counselling, family counselling and individual counselling.  We cover all the bases.
    All of our modalities of counselling And counselling sessions help Clients grow as individuals
    Typically, men have a difficult Time asking for help.  Counselling Centers specializes in addressing Male issues.
    The ongoing effects of sexual abuse Must be addressed for healing to occur
    Lack of cohesiveness and communication Creates pressure amongst family members that can be addressed in counselling sessions
    Grief And Loss Counselling
    Absent addressing grief and loss, life can be a constant struggle.  Call us today to begin healing from grief and loss you have suffered
    Married couples can have problems with communication, infidelity, and life in general. Call Counselling Centers of America to begin healing and re-inventing your life together
    Marriage And Family Counselling
    Problems with a marriage not only impacts the couple, but also impacts the family as well.  It is extremely important that the entire family be heard.
    Counselling Centers of America provides Indianapolis the most extensive counselling services that are tailored to the individual.

    If you’re interested in trying couples therapy or wondering whether it’s a fit for you, we rounded up the best techniques and exercises to get started.

    Anger Counselling entails the development of strategies and skills to change behavior. Call us today to begin on the journey

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How does marriage counselling work? The Therapist Is Only Going To Tell Us To Break Up?

    The therapist will inquire about your history and expect both you and your partner to be honest, open and talkative. Couples around the world turn to marriage counselling to solve their issues. One of the advantages of the relationship therapy is that it can help to identify patterns within the relationship that lead to issues. Couples also learn how their actions & reactions affect the other person.

    Therapy Takes Too Long, Years. Who Has Time For That? How Long Does Marriage Counselling Take?
    Does relationship counselors really help me?

    No marriage is so perfect that it’s completely free of issues. Marriage counseling or relationship counselors works if you’re willing to actually do the work. It’s not about showing up, sitting back, and having a professional “fix” you and your partner. It takes both partners being willing, open, vulnerable, and present to see results.

    Why See A Marriage Therapist, When I Can Talk To My Friends?

    When things are really challenging and the struggle has been going on for a long time, leaning on friends and family may not be the best way to work through your problems. These are people in your life who know you very well.  When you talk to them about your stress, your depression, your anxiety, it is impossible for them to be impartial. Marriage therapist helps you to gain clear insight into how some of your choices and actions are impacting your mood and feelings.

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